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A donation to the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica is an extremely effective way to bring about meaningful change in Jamaica. Since our inception we have helped nurture this change by disbursing over US$38.79 million to fund more than 1200 child development and environment projects across the island. Our work has been far-reaching — impacting the lives and livelihood of children, parents and communities as well as safeguarding ecosystems and natural resources.

We want to continue our work in these areas and need your support to help do this. There are four ways to donate.

Donate to a Preferred Theme or Project Identify a specific cause that you wish to support and the EFJ will manage your donation to one or multiple projects and report on its impact. Watch our PSAs. Review the synopsis of our Call for proposals process here.

Donate to EFJ Operations If you are committed to the causes but not to a specific project, the General Fund offers you the opportunity to support the overall programme of grant funding

Endowment Fund Make a gift that will help to ensure the work of the EFJ in perpetuity. The Endowment Fund is one where the principal amount is held and invested, and only the interest generated may be used for expenditure on the activities of the Foundation. Contributions to the endowment may also be made through bequests.

Individual Fund Management The EFJ is equipped to efficiently and effectively manage funding of your specific environmental sustainability or child development project in Jamaica. We can ensure local compliance while helping you to help your favourite cause or meet your targets in the area of social responsibility.

To volunteer at the EFJ and/or to learn more about volunteering with our member organisations, please call us at 876-960-6744 or email info@efj.org.jm and a member of our team will contact you.

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