St. Mary Charities

St. Mary Charities received a grant in 2010 valued at J$1,461,400.00 to utilize sustainable and cost-efficient technology to provide community members of Carron Hall, St. Mary as well as the Carron Hall Primary School with access to safe water and sanitation. With the assistance of the University of Technology, Jamaica and the Ministry of Local Government, St. Mary Charities successfully implemented a solar-powered water system as well as a rainwater harvesting system at the school. The project launched in July 2011 will provide potable water to at least 2100 residents. 

Jeffrey Town Farmers Association (JFTA)

Repeat grantee Jeffrey Town not only successfully completed their EFJ funded renewable energy project in early 2011 but also were the winners of this year’s Michael Manley Awards for community self-reliance.  Click here for details.