Invitation To Tender INVITATION TO TENDER SUSTAINABLE RECYCLING OPPORTUNITIES FOR COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT IN JAMAICA OBJECTIVE: To provide the EFJ with a feasibility study and options for a recycling project in Jamaica that would be (i) innovative, (ii) support NGO entrepreneurship and sustainability, (iii) target opportunities in Jamaica’s vulnerable areas. RATIONALE: Over the last 8 years, the EFJ has invested in Community and Non-Governmental Organisation’s efforts to address Jamaica’s challenge in recycling. The results have been mixed both for the EFJ and other investors in the sector. The Foundation therefore recognises the need for an evaluation and a consolidated approach going forward to ensure island-wide impact and success. The EFJ is currently in a partnership with PepsiCo Latin America which is aimed at developing an innovative, consolidated approach to recycling in Jamaica going forward. PepsiCo has piloted several successful models in the Latin America and Caribbean region and, while investigating the challenges to recycling in the Jamaican context, will also consider the feasibility of these models, and/or some of their various components. DURATION OF THE ASSIGNMENT: The agreement will initially be within the period February 4th to May 9th, 2014. DETAILS: Terms of Reference for the consultancy are available at: Interested persons are asked to submit the following no later than 2:00pm (Jamaica time) on January 31, 2014: i. A technical proposal of no more than 7 pages detailing the approach being proposed in response to the TORs. ii. A financial proposal that clearly breaks down the expected costs for goods and services required for the activities outlined in the technical proposal iii. A detailed résumé of the applicant (s) iv. A cover letter that elaborates on the most relevant of the applicant’s qualifications for the TORs. Any queries and all submissions must be submitted electronically at any time during the period open for applications to All submissions must be compatible with Microsoft Office 2007, or in PDF format.