The Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ) and the various non-governmental organizations that receive grant funding from the EFJ require specialist and consultancy services for the implementation of their objectives. To assist in and expedite the process of engaging external services we are therefore requesting the submission of Expressions of Interest from specialists, consultants and consulting firms who would potentially provide services to the EFJ or EFJ grant recipients.

This call for Expressions of Interest in no way binds the EFJ or its grant recipients to use the services of any specific entity that may provide an Expression of Interest but when seeking services will contact these entities and request proposals through the procurement mechanisms of the EFJ or the grant recipients. Grant recipients may subsequently and independently of the EFJ utilize their own procurement procedure.

Expressions of Interest are requested in the following indicative areas of operation:

  1. Natural Sciences (e.g. Biology, Ecology)
  2. Social Sciences (e.g. Sociology, Economics)
  3. Physical Sciences (e.g. Geology, Geography)
  4. Environmental Services (e.g. Water Quality Monitoring, Waste Management)
  5. Conservation (e.g. Marine And Land Management, Conservation Planning)
  6. Engineering, Architecture and Landscape Architecture
  7. Child Development
  8. Early Childhood Education
  9. Business Management
  10. Organizational Development
  11. Community Development
  12. Feasibility Studies
  13. Organizational Strategic Planning
  14. Project Evaluation and Monitoring

Expressions of Interest may be provided in other areas that are not stated above however should relate to the disciplines related to Environmental Management and Child Survival and Development.

Expressions of Interest are to be submitted to:

Environmental Foundation of Jamaica
1b Norwood Avenue

Kingston 5

Attention: Executive Director

Expressions of Interest are to be submitted by 4:30 p.m. 7th February 2003.