The CARIBSAVE Partnership has been commissioned by the Travel Foundation to undertake a programme of activities in support of the newly established fish sanctuaries in Jamaica. This programme includes conducting a feasibility study for the Jamaican Fish Sanctuaries Partnership Fund as well as the need to develop sustainable and community-based management approaches to management of fish sanctuaries and marine ecosystems. Through interviews and participation in a Stakeholder Consultation on a possible J-Fish Fund, EFJ Acting CEO Karen McDonald Gayle and Programme Coordinator- Environment Asha Bobb-Semple, shared their views on the possibilities and challenges for such a fund. For further information on this regional programme email:  or visit


EFJ was represented by Acting CEO Karen McDonald Gayle and Programme Coordinator for Child Development Charmaine Webber at the 6th Annual Sir Arthur Lewis Institute for Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) Caribbean Child Research Conference. The theme for this year’s Conference was â€œFive years before 2015: The MDGs and Child Rights in the Caribbeanâ €. Approximately 100 participants including over six schools were on hand to hear presentations from experts, practitioners and child researchers. EFJ along with the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) and local government agencies were sponsors of the Conference.


The 2nd Annual National Conference of the Local Forest Management Committees (LFMC) was held October 28th, 2010. The theme of this years’ Conference was Local Forest Management Committees Empowering Communities through Participation and Livelihood Development. EFJ Programme Coordinator for Environment, Asha Bobb-Semple spoke to representatives from over 10 LFMCs on project management and accountability. Also in attendance were representatives from the Forestry Department and the Forest Conservation Fund.


The 12th Annual RedLAC General Assembly was held in Guadalajara, Mexico, November 8th-11th. EFJ Board Chairman Dr. Dale Webber and Acting CEO Karen McDonald Gayle were in attendance to participate in discussions on knowledge, practices, challenges of conservation finance. EFJ is a member of RedLAC a Latin American and Caribbean Network of Environmental Funds.


EFJ were sponsors of and presenters at the 23rd Annual Science and Technology Conference and Expo hosted by the Scientific Research Conference (SRC) under the theme Green Technologies for Survival. The two day Conference and Expo had participants from a number of government and private sector bodies and included presentations on scientific research and case studies on renewable energy, climate change, and green technologies.


The Jamaica Tree Growers Association (JTGA), held a Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) sponsored the national seminar on Investment Opportunities in Forestry on November 9th, 2010. EFJ along with other local and international donors, government agencies, scientists and private landowners were in attendance.