The Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ), in keeping with its mission, has helped to set the local development agenda and has influenced Jamaica’s natural and built environmental landscape as well as children and community livelihoods. Their work has provided funding to non-governmental and community-based organizations, academic institutions and partnerships with other key stakeholders throughout the length and breadth of Jamaica. The EFJ is currently in a partnership with PepsiCo Latin America which is aimed at developing an innovative, consolidated approach to recycling in Jamaica. The first step in this process is a consultative dialogue with persons, such as you/your organisation that can provide valuable information on the history and opportunities for recycling in Jamaica. EFJ has contracted Environmental and Engineering Managers Ltd. to conduct a comprehensive review of the recycling industry in Jamaica. Their investigations will include, but not be limited to:
  • Identification and evaluation of recycling programmes which have been proposed, developed and/or implemented in Jamaica.
  • A situational analysis on the recycling sector, including the identification of partners, companies, projects, programmes and initiatives, and the success and challenges encountered with moving the recycling agenda forward.
  • Identification and evaluation of the types of recycling activities suitable for adoption in Jamaica. The evaluation should take into account the differences se procurer du viagra sans ordonnance in rural and urban setting.
  • We therefore invite you to share your ideas and experience on recycling in Jamaica by:
  • Saving the questionnaire.
  • Completing the survey.
  • Submitting your responses via email to
  • Please click here for the Questionnaire.