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Negril Marine

The Negril Marine Park was officially declared on March 4, 1998.  The Park covers a total area of approximately 160 km2 and extends from the Davis Cove River in the Parish of Hanover to St. John’s Point in Westmoreland. The boundaries of the Park begin at high water mark on shore to approximately two miles (3.2 km) out to sea.  Since November 2002 the Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society (NCRPS) has been delegated by the Government of Jamaica to manage the Negril Marine Park.  They do this by managing the Negril Marine Park’s day-to-day activities through enforcement of the Marine Park Regulations with Ranger patrols, zoning and other activities including meetings and workshops. Natural resources within the park include coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangrove communities and a variety of commercially important fisheries resources and other organisms. Through funding support from the European Union, a new building housing the Marine Park Headquarters, Visitor Centre and Gift Shop was completed in 2003.

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